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Pressure tank
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Specification of Pressure tank

Pressure tanks are compressed water tanks equipped with a membrane inside. Membrane made of rubber Inner tire on a motorcycle or car but has a larger thickness. This pressure tank is installed at the output or outlet of the pump which is usually used in automatic operating systems using a pressure switch.
Each water pump has the ability to produce different pressure or thrust. As an example we set the pressure switch in the setting at 2 bars - pump on (On) running water and 4 bars - pump off (turn off) the water stops.
1. The water pump has not been turned on, the water pressure inside the pipeline is still 0 bar. The air pressure inside the tank already exists from the factory (the tank is filled with wind with a standard pressure of 1.5 bar) if it can not be added alone by pumping the wind into the tank until it reaches standard pressure. The air pressure inside the tank will press the membrane (baloon) until deflated.
2. When the pump has started to live and the water pressure begins to suppress the membrane (water enters the membrane), so the membrane will enlarge and the air in the tank will be depressed and the pressure will increase. If no tap is opened, the water pressure will continue to rise.
3. The pump keeps pressing the water in the membrane up to a maximum of 4 bars and the pump will be off (Remember, our Pressure Swich sets OFF at 4 max bar pressure) The air inside the tank will also be pressed up to 4 bars.
4. After the condition no.3 the pump is off, then there is a tap that is opened so that the water pressure will drop to 3 bars and so on. Pressurized air inside the tank will press water out of the tank until the lowest pressure reaches 2 bars. After the water pressure reaches 2 bars, the pressure switch will turn on the pump. The water pressure will start to rise again until it reaches 4 bars and the pump will stop. That is how the water and air inside the tank presses against each other. Overview of understanding of the pressure tank. For complete information, please contact our number and get the best price from us. thank you

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