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One of the Indonesian pumps provided is a diaphragm pump. This type of pump is a pump that is in the positive displacement pump category. This pump works back and forth to suck and push water from the pump room. In the inlet there is a valve or membrane that keeps water flowing according to each channel. A moving diaphragm that produces power to suck in water and also press water to get out.
The important material in this pump is the membrane inside. This is why a diaphragm pump is also called a membrane pump. The type of membrane itself can vary. Among others are:
1. Neoprene
Used for water diaphragm pumps such as well water and sea water. Low cost and commonly used.
2. Buna-N
Usually used for pumps related to oil or similar liquids. For example, gasoline, hydraulic oil, kerosene and turpentine.
Is a membrane that is very good to use when the pump is used in cold temperatures (especially those that are quite extreme). Because of the low usage costs, sometimes these membranes are also used for pumping dilute acids.
4. Viton
In contrast to EPDM, this type of membrane is suitable when used in extreme heat. Often also used for liquids with aggressive properties such as aromatic hydrocarbons.
You will be able to find various Indonesian pumps with this type of diaphragm pump in the catalog of PT Winston Indonesia. The pump provided is a high-pressure diaphragm pump that can be used for a variety of important industrial purposes. For example BIOCOR for the food and pharmaceutical industry, FUTUR for the purposes of the chemical and semiconductor industries, special pumps for handling industrial waste, and much more. PT Putra Tirtamas Megah MM sells Diaphragm Pump with cheap and best quality prices in Indonesia. We also sell various types of pumps and sizes to suit your needs. For complete information, please contact our number and get the best price from us. thank you

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