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Specification of Oven Industri Bandung

There are 4 types of ovens commonly used such as:
1. Household scale ovens are types of ovens which are usually used using fire sources from kerosene or gas stoves, usually not equipped with temperature regulators and timers. Usually used for the needs of housewives or home industries.
2. Semi-professional oven is a type of oven that is used using gas or electricity, which is equipped with a temperature regulator and timer but is not accurate because it still cannot adjust the heat temperature between the top and bottom. Usually used by bakeries or bakery businesses that with production capacity is not too large.
3. Professional oven is a type of oven that normally uses electricity for roasting. There is also a gas that uses gas but must use a 60 kg LPG tube, equipped with a timer and a top and bottom temperature regulator and equipped with a sound signal when the roasting process is complete. There are 2 types of professional ovens that are commonly used, namely Gas Baking Oven and Gas Deck Oven are more practical and save space. The oven is operated using LPG gas while Proofer uses electricity. Usually used by bakery stores or medium-sized industrial businesses that have a lot of production capacity and need a fast process.
4. Industry oven is a type of large-scale oven with a length of up to 10 meters to 100 meters and even 150 meters, for a width of about 50 meters to 150 meters. Industrial ovens use rails so the roasting process is fast and automatic. Equipped with a temperature regulator, timer, and air extraction regulator. And even each oven or oven can be set to varying temperatures. The roasting process is the same as a professional oven using electricity and gas.
We sell ovens that are used for your industry at low prices but the best quality. For complete information, please contact our number and get the best price from us. thank you

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