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Specification of Impeller Pompa Surabaya

PT Putra Tirtamas Megah MM sells the most complete impeller pumps. Impeller is a component that rotates from a centrifugal pump which serves to transfer energy from the motor by accelerating fluid out of the center. Impellers can also be classified based on mechanical construction. However, we can get to know the various types of impellers as follows:

1. Closed Impeller impeller type

Commonly used in pumps with normal water and water flow. Commonly used in domestic / domestic use. At the factory, on the boat and others. Pretty common on the market.


2. Types of Impeller Open and Semi-Open

With conditions that are open or semi-open, the possibility of blockages is much reduced. This allows for the existence of a pump used to flow water. Water also has various kinds of clean water, dirty water and there are also industrial applications to circulate sludge or waste water or to drain rainwater from hole pits or storage waste lagoons. Therefore there are types of Open Impeller impellers specifically used to drain sewage and sludge. Pumps with Open impellers are generally quite expensive and have a great ability to flow high viscosity and heavy streams. The impeller examination is easy. However, this type of impeller can only be set manually to get the best settings.


3. Swivel Pump / Vortex impeller

For pumps that are used for materials that are denser or fibrous than liquid fluids, the impeller vortex can be a good choice. But unfortunately, this type of pump is 50% less efficient than the conventional design.


4. Cutting Impeller

This impeller is generally used for pumps that will flow various kinds of organic and non-organic waste and for wastes. Usually found in buildings, hotels, factories. Because sometimes garbage from sewerage is followed by various kinds of rubbish that will be cut into pieces by cutting impellers so as not to damage the sewage pump

We sell pump impellers with various types and sizes according to your needs. For more information, contact the number below

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