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Gate Valve PTM Series 2 1/2 Inchi

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16 Mar 2023
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Gate Valve

Specification of Gate Valve PTM Series 2 1/2 Inchi

Valve or commonly called a valve is a device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a liquid (gas, liquid, fluidized solid) by opening, closing, or closing part of the flow path.

Valves / valves in everyday life, most noticeably are in water pipes, such as taps for water. Other familiar examples include gas control valves on the stove, small valves installed in the bathroom and many more.

Valves play an important role in industrial applications ranging from drinking water transportation to controlling ignition in rocket engines.

The valve / valve can be operated manually, both by the handle, pedal lever and others. Besides being able to be operated manually the valve can also be operated automatically using the principle of changes in pressure flow, temperature etc. These changes can affect the diaphragm, spring or piston which in turn activates the valve automatically. Gate valve is a type of valve that is used to open the flow by lifting the gate cover which is round or rectangular. Gate Valve is a type of valve that is most often used in piping systems. The function is to open and close the flow.

The gate valve is not to regulate the rate of a fluid flow by opening half or a quarter of its position, so the gate position on this valve must be completely open (fully open) or completely closed (fully close). If the gate position is half open, turbulence will occur in the flow and this turbulence will cause:

a. There will be erosion of the gate corners.

this turbulence fluid flow rate can erode gate angles that can cause erosion and eventually the valve cannot work perfectly.

b. There is a change in the position of the closing gate holder.

The closing gate will be swinging towards the seat position, so that over time the position will change to the seat so that when the valve closes, the closing gate will not be in the right position, so that it can cause passing.

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