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Specification of Control System Bandung

Types of Control System

1. Closed Loop Kendall System.
A closed-loop control system is a control system whose output signal has a direct influence on the control action. In other words the closed loop control system is a feedback feedback system. The drive error signal, which is the difference between the input signal and the feedback signal (which can be an output signal or a function of the output signal and its derivatives), is fed to the control element to minimize errors and make the system output close to the desired price. This means that the use of closed loop feedback actions aims to minimize system errors.

2. Open Loop Control System.

An open-loop control system is a control system whose output signal does not affect the control action. In this case the output signal is not measured or fed back to be compared with the input signal. A practical example is a washing machine. Since soaking, washing and rinsing in this washing machine does not measure the output signal, for example, cleaning clothes that are washed.

3. Automatic Control System

The error detector will compare the signal obtained through the feedback element as a function of the output response with its input reference signal. The difference between this input and output reference signal is called an error signal or a driving signal, which activates the control element. Furthermore this control element will amplify the error signal to reduce the error that occurs to return to the system condition as before (normal conditions).

4. Cerviomechanical Control System

Modular servo system, basically still a concept of a feedback-fed kendall system, where variables are controlled by position mechanisms or time derivatives from positions such as speed and acceleration. Control of the servo system in the form of a motor shaft position and load is generally reduced through mechanical serrations.

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Motion Control Systems

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